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DC2RVA Online Meeting




    Welcome to our online meeting for the Washington D.C. to Richmond High Speed Rail Project.

    To navigate through the meeting, simply use the arrows to scroll through the site.

    If you have comments or questions during this meeting, please click on the comment icon located at the top of your screen.

    Introduction to DRPT and the FRA


    Introduction to SEHSR


    Introduction to DC2RVA


    Introduction to Stakeholders


    Draft Environmental Impact Statement


    Purpose and Need


    Project Overview


    Build Alternatives


    Alternative Area 1: Arlington


    Alternative Area 2: Northern Virginia


    Alternative Area 3: Fredericksburg


    Alternative Area 4: Central Virginia


    Alternative Area 5: Ashland


    Town of Ashland/Hanover County Area CAC


    Alternative Area 6: Richmond


    Project Effects and Mitigation


    DRPT Recommended Preferred Alternative


    Next Steps and Other Considerations


    DC2RVA Next Steps


    Stay Involved

    Opportunities to comment by November 7, 2017 include:

    • Complete the electronic form: www.DC2RVArail.com/contact-us
    • Provide verbal or written comments at the public hearing.
    • Provide comments to the court reporter at the public hearing.
    • Leave comments on the project hotline: 888-832-0900 or TDD 711.
    • Mail written comments to:

      Emily Stock
      600 East Main Street, Suite 2102
      Richmond, VA 23219

    Contact Us