Appendix A: Alternatives Technical Report

Appendix A: Alternatives Technical Report - 38MB

Appendix B: Basis of Design Report
Appendix C: Aerial Mapbook of Build Alternatives Area 1 - Arlington
Appendix D: Aerial Mapbook of Build Alternatives Area 2 - Northern Virginia
Appendix E: Aerial Mapbooks of Build Alternatives Area 3 - Fredericksburg
Appendix F: Aerial Mapbook of Build Alternatives Area 4 - Central Virginia
Appendix G: Aerial Mapbooks of Build Alternatives Area 5 - Ashland
Appendix I: Operations Modeling
Appendix J: Ridership
Appendix K: Capital Costs
Appendix L: Constructability
Appendix M: Natural Resources Technical Report

Appendix M: Natural Resources Technical Report - 20MB

  • Attachment A: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 1A-B-C - Arlington - 32MB
  • Attachment B: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 2A - Northern Virginia - 24MB
  • Attachment C: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 3A-B-C - Fredericksburg - 22MB
  • Attachment D: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 4A -Central Virginia - 13MB
  • Attachment E: Wetlands Mapbook-Ashland Build Alternatives - Ashland - 40MB
  • Attachment F-1: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 6A - Richmond - 17MB
  • Attachment F-2: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 6B-A - Richmond - 18MB
  • Attachment F-3: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 6B-S - Richmond - 14MB
  • Attachment F-4: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 6C - Richmond - 18MB
  • Attachment F-5: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 6D - Richmond - 14MB
  • Attachment F-6: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 6E - Richmond - 18MB
  • Attachment F-7: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 6F - Richmond - 14MB
  • Attachment F-8: Wetlands Mapbook-Build Alternative 6G - Richmond - 14MB
  • Attachment G-1: G1_Stream Assessment - 43MB
  • Attachment G-2 A: G2 Part A_Wetland Determination - 31MB
  • Attachment G-2 B: G2 Part B_Wetland Determination - 38MB
  • Attachment H: Soils-Construction Limitations Mapbook - 11MB
Appendix N: USDA-NRCS Farmland Conversion Impacts
Appendix O: Hazardous Materials Site Information
Appendix P: Noise and Vibration Technical Report

Appendix P: Noise and Vibration Technical Report - 12MB

Appendix Q: Community Impact Assessment Technical Report
Appendix R: Cultural Resources Reports

Appendix R: Cultural Resources Reports - 45MB

*An architectural reconnaissance survey of the PCAR segment (Segment 5) was completed by McCormick Taylor as part of a previous study of the Powells Creek to Arkendale area and was incorporated into the DC2RVA Draft EIS by reference.

Appendix S: Transportation Technical Report
Appendix T: Mobile Source Air Toxics Information
Appendix U: Section 106 Comments and Coordination
Appendix V: Scoping and Outreach Materials

*File sizes are approximate