As part of the Tier II Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for DC2RVA being prepared by DRPT and FRA there is a range of alternatives still being considered. A final decision on a preferred alternative will not be made until the EIS process is complete.

DRPT is studying three build alternatives in the Fredericksburg area: one alternative would result in a new 2-track freight bypass going to the east of Fredericksburg; one alternative would add a third track through Fredericksburg on the east side of the existing tracks; and the third build alternative would not add any tracks through Fredericksburg, but would include various improvements to crossings, signals, and safety systems. The Fredericksburg station and platforms would need to be expanded and improved in all of these alternatives.

The study will assess the environmental impacts of potential rail improvements and identify ways to avoid, minimize, or otherwise mitigate any negative impacts. The EIS is intended to help decision makers understand the benefits and impacts of the project alternatives. A recommendation for a preferred alternative will be included as part of the EIS.  

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Spotsylvania County Public Meeting Materials
Spotsylvania County hosted a public meeting on July 11, 2016, and invited DRPT to present on the DC2RVA project. The materials presented are available below for review.